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Ahoy, me Hearties! Me name’s ‘Pirate Pooh’, and I’m here scoutin’ around on behalf of me captain, the Pirate King and his crew. Right now they’re aboard our ship, the Blin’ Craw, plundering the seas around our home port of Penzance. However, word’s got around about us down there, so they’re heading up this way to take audiences by storm in the Adam Smith Theatre early next March. I’m sniffin’ round for potential booty in these parts, and I’ve agreed to write a blog about my findings in and around Fife, having been adopted by Kirkcaldy Gilbert & Sullivan Society as their mascot – so here goes:

Sunday 3rd September
Here I am on this wonderful Queensferry Crossing. This really is an amazing bridge and it shows how cunning I am, that I managed to sneak on without a ticket, hitching a carry with a friend from the G&S! I wonder if they close it every weekend for walkers ? There are thousands of folk around, all having a good time and chatting away to each other. Weather couldn’t be better, warm and not too breezy. It’ll be really impressive to drive across as a motorway: I see it’s even got a hard shoulder for breakdowns! I’m going to ask the Pirate King to bring the Blin’ Craw up the Forth…I can see some islands for shelter and I think there could be rich pickings around here. I hear that The Queen is coming here on Monday for the official opening, and maybe the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall will be around…..I need to lie low in case they recognise me from the ‘Wanted’ posters in Penzance!!
You can follow my travels every couple of weeks , so keep an eye out for me!!

15th September
Well…I’ve lost count of the steps - there are certainly more than thirty-nine!! Here I am at the top of the tower at the Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy. What a great view across the Forth, and I can see from me map that the island out there is called Inchkeith. It might be a good place to hide the Blin’Craw and not too far under cover of darkness to come ashore.
This place is really old. I’ve just found out that two folk were imprisoned here in 1633 for practising witchcraft and were later burned at the stake on the town moor on 19th November 1633. Puts shivers up me timbers! There‘s a great bell as well that I was told I could ring, but that might draw too much attention from the wrong kind of folk.
This place would be a great signal tower. I’ve got me skeletonic keys, so could steal in at dead of night with my dark lantern to signal to the Pirate King and the crew of the Blin’ Craw. I need to gather some local knowledge and I’m told there’s a good tavern not far from here down the High Street ….. a good place for listening to the locals ….. and a tot or two of rum will be very welcome.

28th September
Oh, I am a cunning one! In the wee small hours when nobody was about, I managed to steal a small ketch from the harbour at Limekilns, and headed off down the Forth with me pirate flag flying . A good following wind, and there was I down at the famous bridges. They are very impressive, and I am told that that they span three centuries across the River Forth…1890, 1967 and 2017.
Then, I spotted it!! What a prize!!!!! ..if it wasn’t the Caribbean Princess at anchor beyond the rail bridge …..what pickings there will be. With all the tourists ashore…what was stopping me? …maybe a wee bit big for just me, but wait ‘til the Blin’Craw gets here…Cap’n will know how to scale these big boys. Arghhh…

12th October
What a grand wee tavern is this and near the harbour too! Could be useful for storing a bit of booty in the dead of night…there’s bound to be a cellar! Getting to know a few locals could be a real feather in me cap …..will listen in tonight ….maybe buy a drink or two and report back to me Cap’n. This place dates from c.1870 and used to be a Ship’s Chandlers before it became a tavern. The Jug Bar is very historic, where ladies could collect a jug of beer for their menfolk in the days before they were allowed into the bar!! Me pals on the Blin’ Craw will be very glad those days are gone. Oh, they’ll love this place…reminds me of some of me favourite haunts around Penzance. Arghhh!!

16th November
Followed a signpost from that great wee harbour at Dysart, and found meself on a Coastal Path that goes all the way round the coast of Fife – over 100 miles it says. I am sure Cap’n will be interested in this. I got a good seat on a wall and can see for miles along the coast with lots of twists an’ turns. Me map says that there are caves a few miles along called Wemyss Caves and the photos that I saw at the Harbourmaster’s House say they are prehistoric with cave paintings an’ all. They look big and seem to go deep inside the land - a fine place for some crafty booty. I’m likin’ this part o’ the world more an’ more. All this sniffin’ around that I’ve done will earn me some extra grog when Cap’n gets here. Arghhh! Wonder when they plan to leave Penzance?..a few weeks yet I am sure..Cap’n likes to winter down there. Gives me a bit more time to play around!!
The Pirates of Penzance is on at The Adam Smith Theatre Wed 7th – Sat 10th March, 2018 ( evenings at 7.30pm and Sat Mat at 2.30pm) Tickets are available on 07949 381898 or from Theatre Box Office

22nd December
Had me a wee visit to the Adam Smith Theatre this week and what a fine time I had. There’s a great panto on there just now – Aladdin – what a good time I had, and met lots of local folk, and even had a cheeky rum in the bar. Cap’n an’ me mates from the Blin’ Craw will be in this very theatre from Wed 7th until Saturday 10th March, and tickets to see us are now on sale. All you have to do is phone Elaine on 07949381898 or the theatre Box Office on 01592-583302 . You can even organise your visit via a website at . Oh, it will be a lively time!
Wishing all me mates and new pals a really Happy Christmas and a grand Piratical New Year! Arghhh

Look who turned up from Penzance…..if it ain’t Pansy, me own little molly. Seems Capt’n sent her up to see what progress I was making in spying out potential riches in Fife. She probably thought it was a good chance to check that I wasn’t misbehavin’ with the local talent!! if I would! Oh, but it’s grand to see her – I didn’t realise how much I missed my wee pet. It will be fine to have her here when Capt’n and me mates from the Blin’ Craw arrive early in March. Pansy will be a great addition an’ she’ll be able to wheedle lots of information from some of these locals. She’s a fine figure of a woman with big brown eyes… I’ll have to keep my eye on her!

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